The Compromise

The interloper and I have reached an… understanding. Despite his being a spotlight stealing little punk, he does have a point. I am much more valuable and adored than he, lowly intern that he is.
He will be allowed to act as my representative on the trip with AJ, since she’s just going to go play in the dirt for a few weeks. I mean, geeze… She’s staying at a Cypriot primary school… Where’s the nightlife there? Party in the preschooler’s room? Yeah… no.
Justin and I will enjoy our “bro” time together while she is gone and then he will escort me to Europe in three weeks. The little Schmuckalope will serve as my valet and personal assistant in Europe in exchange for the honor of being deputized as my representative in Cyprus. He’s still getting the better part of this deal but I’m a generous jackalope.
All of the “foreign correspondent’s” posts are still being managed and approved by me though, because I have a reputation to protect. If I’m going international, I better start managing my brand, and building my image as a classy, well-bred Jackalope who enjoys the finer things in life. Like the things in Europe.
Not the shovel-bumming in Cypriot elementary schools.
I’ll let the intern handle that.