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AJ’s trip to Cyprus with Li’Lope


We went to see his tomb in Larnaca before we need to head to the airport. I was kinda paranoid the whole time although it was an astoundingly beautiful church. But still jumpy. Especially when I saw the stone lid in the tomb is CRACKED. If I get eaten by zombie Lazarus I’m blaming AJ.

Baklava & Cypriot Coffee

While the other Jackalope is stuffed in a backpack, I’m enjoying some baklava and coffee and the sea breezes in the shade in Paphos. Relaxing a bit before AJ & I catch the first of several busses to Larnaca for our flight. She lets me ride in a comfy pocket so I can see everything…

Near Eastern Ford commercial

AJ and I are sitting in Julie’s Pub, using the WiFi and its full of people watching football. PROPER football, not crass American football. And then a Ford commercial comes on. It was in English, but such a commercial would never air in the US. A nicely dressed, bearded, dark-haired, olive-skinned individual strolling through a…

The Cyprus Museum, Nicosia

We had a surprise extra day off – both Wednesday AND Thursday. So, instead of sleeping like a normal person, AJ took off 2/3 of the way across the country to visit a museum in Nicosia (pronounced Nick-oh-see-uh). The Cyprus Museum was cool, lots of ancient sculptures and things. Can you figure out who the…

Ginormous spider

I’m now in fear of being carried off by THIS: I know this specimen is deceased, but look at the size of it! That’s a 20 cent Euro coin, approximately the size of a US quarter. Enjoy your nightmares.