Summer 2017, Day 8: On the Road

The title of this entry could be “Salt Lake Sucks”.

But I don’t want to give it that much credit.

After we abandoned our camping plans at Antelope Island, we headed south, planning to stop at one of the dozen campground listed on the GPS just south of Salt Lake. We left Antelope Island around 7pm.

It was close to 9pm when we reached the first campground.

The gate was shut and locked.

We went to a private campground. No overnight arrivals for tent campers.

We found another campground listing… it was no longer a campground.

We found a KOA. No overnight arrivals for tent campers.

It was now after 11pm. We said screw it and got a hotel.

The next morning, we got the hell out of northern Utah with a quickness.

As we were cruising east on I-70 entering Colorado, we got a call from our Colorado friends. We had wanted to visit them this trip but they were on vacation in Britain at the same time as our trip. They wanted to know if we were still passing through Colorado on our way home because they were flying back in to Denver that evening.

Do you believe in coincidences?

We decided we could kill a few hours in Denver and pick them up from the airport.

We visited Odyssey Beerwerks in Arvada, CO for J to enjoy a few beers and then I found a place for preggers food at Manneken Frites.

It’s a play on Manneken Pis and it’s fried potatoes, of course I had to go!

We picked up our friends from DEN and they graciously allowed us to crash at their place in Lafayette, CO.