Summer 2017, Day 6: On to Idaho

We stopped briefly in Jackson Hole for the obligatory antler arch picture. I think everyone that passes through Jackson, WY does a picture like this.


Then we were on to Melvin Brewing Company.

Funny story.

They showed up in a Garmin GPS search for “local breweries” as having a taproom in Jackson. I told the Garmin to navigate us there.

It stopped us at an alleyway. So I looked up the brewery online and entered the physical address and we headed on.

As we drove,  I noticed the GPS was appearing rather confused as to our destination so I looked up the address again to verify.

This is what their web page showed:

I laughed. Gravel pits.

They weren’t kidding.

We nearly got run over by something that looked a lot like this:

But J greatly appreciated the beer offerings of Melvin Brewing Company.

So did Wally

After the libations we headed west in to Idaho.

We stopped for the night at Craters of the Moon National Monument. We camped in Lava Flow Campground.

Look how awesome!

IN the lava flow!