Summer 2017, Day 5: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

Our night in Colter Bay was rather miserable.

I kept convincing myself that I could hear a bear and couldn’t sleep. And the next morning the mosquitoes were still just as bad as the night before. So we packed up and headed out.

We headed north to the Geyser Basin in Yellowstone. We watched an eruption of Old Faithful and trotted around the geysers a bit until the smell of sulfur made me nauseous. Then we sent postcards and headed south.

Old Faithful and Wally

The Grand Tetons

We stopped and setup camp for the night at Gros Ventre Campgound. We really liked the camp area, the mosquitoes were tolerable and there was a very inquisitive ground squirrel.

Totes adorbs squirrel

And there was the most photogenic moose ever. This is not photo-shopped, there really was a rainbow.

Madame moose. So majestic.

We were so close to Jackson that we drove down after dinner. We went to Snake River Brewing Company where J had beers and I had dessert.