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AJ’s trip to Cyprus with Li’Lope

St Paul’s Pillar

On the grounds of afore-mentioned anti-mythical creatures church there was a pillar with a purported interesting history. Supposedly St Paul was tied to this pillar and whipped for some reason or another.

Cypriot Cats

They are everywhere. You may not know this, but my traveling companion is a bit of a crazy cat lady. She yelled at one of the guys here for making a foul remark toward her favorite of the dig house cats. So, just a bit. Though she has softened her disapproval of the “cat-haters” as…

The best taxi driver ever

I just experienced the best taxi ride ever. He was super excited about life in general, very happy, very positive, gave us beer or Pepsi and called the van his baby. It was a lovely ride (air conditioning!!!) + a free beer + super friendly happy taxi driver = awesome. “I smile all the time…

Paphos Beer Festival

I’ve been seeing advertisements for a beer festival in Paphos. €6 to get in + a pint included. So of course I had to go. They had some nice dancing earlier (teenage girls, a bit embarrassing) and now there is a DJ who is actually pretty good. I’m drinking a Blackthorn Cider which I’m told…

The Sanctuary of Aphrodite

The myth goes that Cyprus was the birthplace of Aphrodite. There was a significant pilgrimage and cult worship complex for millennia near Pafos. So of course a Jackalope has to check that out. I had a few words with the Aphrodite and she gave me some tips for the lady’lopes.

Kissonerga Festival

They had a festival in the village tonight. We went to eat, which was a Greek catered meal on big tables spread in what I think would best be described as a village common in front of the church. Excellent food, but I can’t pronounce any of it. Greek salad, lamb, potatoes, hummus, olives, chicken,…