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The Sanctuary of Aphrodite

The myth goes that Cyprus was the birthplace of Aphrodite. There was a significant pilgrimage and cult worship complex for millennia near Pafos. So of course a Jackalope has to check that out. I had a few words with the Aphrodite and she gave me some tips for the lady’lopes.

Building a beer kiln

Cornwallis, reporting in! I’m helping with the straw for the mud-brick! First level is done and marked with a Jackalope Butt-Print. Everyone is waiting with their mud-bricks to put the next layer on. AJ’s feet after manually mixing the mud-brick in the “traditional” way (Don’t let her mother see this!): The progress so far:


Cornwallis reporting in… With a terrible hangover I must report. It is our day off on Wednesday so Tuesday night turned a bit… Festive. Someone coined the term "Archaealcoholics" and they weren’t kidding. I don’t know what this was, but it was mean and green and I let AJ go to the Paphos Mosaics without…

Archaeologists are dirty

When she said "digging in the dirt", she wasn’t kidding. She hasn’t taken me to the site at all yet so all I’ve done is sit around the girls room at the dig house. Not as entertaining as one might think – I must be more prudish than Wally because I find myself hiding in…

A well deserved libation

Guess what’s close-walk distance from the school? And they were super nice and gave us cheese and a peach as well. Though now AJ sounds REALLY ridiculous because that was a ginormous beer – see the wee jackalope for scale.

Dig house diggs

After hauling 30lbs of gear 3km, AJ is settled in at the school. Here is home sweet home for the next 2 weeks (for the last week we will move to Lemba Archaeological Centre). AJ was the first one here so she claimed the least scary-looking mattress. We won’t be the only Americans! Though she’s…

Li’lope reporting for duty

It’s really awkward when you are posing for a photo-op, slip off the arm rest and fall under the seat so that AJ has to ask the nicely dressed business man to please retrieve her missing horned rodent from under his seat. This was after she had accidentally groped his toes feeling around for me.…