Archaeologists are dirty

When she said "digging in the dirt", she wasn’t kidding. She hasn’t taken me to the site at all yet so all I’ve done is sit around the girls room at the dig house. Not as entertaining as one might think – I must be more prudish than Wally because I find myself hiding in the backpack most of the time out of embarrassment because of these girls.
What’s a naïve young Jackalope supposed to do?
There are bras and clothes and undergarments and partially naked girls everywhere!
I don’t blame them on the partially naked, because its far too hot to have to wear fur, but they still make me blush.
Another lesson learned. I thought girls didn’t sweat. And I thought they always smelled nice.
I’ve been proven very wrong.
And it’s disturbing how FILTHY they come back to the dig house. I mean, I’m a rodent that would traditionally dwell in an underground burrow and I don’t walk around caked in dirt. Are they deliberately throwing dirt or dancing in it or what? How can they get so dirty?
They walk in from the site and they look like they have marvellous tans, until they wipe a wet cloth across their face or arm.