Kissonerga at 3am…

Everyone has been complaining about how hot it is, and I’ve passively agreed, but really, it’s not that bad (mid 90s with high humidity). Until you try to sleep in a mostly shuttered room that has been baking all day.
Plus my internal clock is rather annoyed with me, because the environment says its 3am, but my clock thinks its 7pm, so I’m awake.
So… I went out in to the courtyard to get some cooler air (its actually quite nice out here) and seem to have surprised a couple across the street “enjoying” the night air themselves.
Sorry about that.
But its not like the school isn’t on the MAIN road through the village with the occasional car or truck rocketing through anyway, though they must not be concerned with them because those vehicle occupants would only see green shift anyway…
In all seriousness, it is scary how the speed limit doubles, triples as the sun goes down and then just disappears after dark.

I can see the ocean from the courtyard and tonight the moon is reflecting off of it. The picture doesn’t do it justice.