The dig house

We are staying at a Cypriot primary school (elementary). There are 6 girls in a classroom, on mattresses on the tiled floor, with all the child-sized desks pushed against the walls. The boys are in the classroom next door. There’s an open courtyard and a covered walkway for our "al fresco" dining with a kitchen down at street level (complete with beer fridge – 1 € per beer… This is so dangerous) . There’s an open terrace next to the courtyard and walkway where you can easily see the Mediterranean. On one end of the courtyard is another series of classrooms (one shared by our dig directors), and the bathrooms (European style toilets, yay!). The showers are open-air, outside, but its so hot that’s just fine. Part of the school at least is solar powered with panels on the roof and solar hot water, which consists of a big plastic tank on the roof.
There are skinny, extremely friendly kitties around, which are all apparently named "Bastard"or "Fuck Off".
There are several planters around with flowers, ficus trees in pots, and murals painted by kids on the walls so everything is pretty. The rest of the walls are white stucco with the doors and window trim painted Greek blue and most of the school has a red tile roof.
The plants remind me of Hawaii – bananas, hibiscus, bougainvillea, etc.
I post from a nice little cafe/bar with free WiFi (if I’m drinking) that’s just across the road and a parking lot from the school.