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Adventures in our own country!

Summer 2017, Day 2-3: The Badlands

I love the Badlands. In small doses. I’ve only ever been in May-June and it gets damn hot. So I love the Badlands… for about 48 hours. Then it’s time for a shower! And the Cedar Pass Restaurant near the Visitors Center has delicious frybread tacos. Yum! My favorite hiking trail in the Badlands is…

Travels with Preggo

Don’t road trip with a woman that is 7 months pregnant. It will quickly devolve into a tour of EVERY rest stop along your route and lots of food stops. And she blocks out the scenery in the photos.  

Headed back to the 479

Time to get a little pre-flight on! The humans and I are killing time with craft beer in CLT. Look for my ENC write up soon. Gotta tell you all the crazy times with the G’s out in the swamp. Always, The Wallster

Back to my roots.

The world travels have been wonderful, but every now and then you just have to go to the wonderful place called Home. The prairie is calling, and I must go. Let’s roll, fellow adventurers.

Stupid Cornwallis

I was relaxing in the hot tub and then Amanda comes in, all in a panic that she’d lost Cornwallis in the bar. I said it would be a good place to lose him… But as we found him. Safe and sound. Stupid jerk.