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AJ, J and the Jackalopes hit up The Continent!

“Resolve your differences”

I’ve been told by the two-legged mule & AJ that Cornwallis and I need to resolve our differences. And they gave him his own ability to post. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BRAND!? And I’m supposed to be nice to him. Call him by his name and not make overt references to his petité size or…


While I was relaxing at the hotel, they went all over flipping Paris. They had ice cream under the Eiffel Tower, rode bicycles down the Champs-Élysées, took a boat down the Seine, etc. Not fair.

Ah, Paris! Magnifique!

Pronounce that properly as "Pa-rie’"…. Not how the rest of the uncultured, unwashed masses says "PEAR-riS"… After a long flight of disrespect, ignominiously STUFFED IN TO A BAG instead of the first class travel I am entitled to, I was ready to relax and unwind once we arrived at the hotel in Paris. Especially after…

And away we go!

Finally, we’ve gotten off the dirt and into the clear, clean skies. It’s about time we got this journey started. Only many thousands of miles left before the overgrown ape gets out of his funk. AJ, don’t leave me with him again. I have to wonder about these Arkansans… One Jackalope appears on the plane…