Homeward bound!

All good things must come to an end. However, since I become more awesome by the day, the next things cannot help but be great!

We’re back in Paris, currently at the international terminal of Charles De Gaulle. We came down the valley and across the fields from Zermatt to Paris Friday. The humans decided to build in some extra time to go see the Louvres. Since I am royalty, how could I turn down an offer to go explore a royal palace containing legendary art?

Turns out it wasn’t an offer. Guess who spent the last evening in Europe in a dank, nasty luggage locker in Gare Du Nord… Here’s a hint. It was ME!

But karma is a circle and I’m a forgiving Jackalope, so I’ll let them off the hook.

Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t stay mad at the bipeds after watching them (from the safety and comfort of my pack) be nudged around the airport by security.

“You can’t go there.”
“You can’t sleep here.”
“You can sleep here, but so can everyone else.”
“You have to move now.”
*incessant sweeping*

Mind you, those are summaries. Turns out the night security crew at Europe’s busiest airport doesn’t require much English. Also turns out that the male human’s already poor French slides rapidly downhill after some 20 hours awake.

They’re just so pitiful now, finally at the gate, AJ curled up in a marginally comfortable chair and J nursing a cup of coffee, trying to maintain coherence. I can’t stay mad at them, I’m just laughing that the karma of ditching me in a locker in Paris came back so soon to bite them.

So, all ye at home, prepare for my grand return! And be alert. I’ve learned much about Napoleon this trip… and he was almost a smart human… Just think about what a Jackalope could have done in his shoes.

Food for thought.

Wally The First