Belgium Breweries – The Aftermath…

AJ must post her shame… Someone ordered me a trippel after I’d already had a double and a single.
And then we had to catch the train to Amsterdam.
I’d like to extend my apologies to anyone who was on the 17:32 train from Brugges to Antwerp. The drunken american woman wearing a dalek T-shirt and singing "Staying Alive" by The BeeGees really isn’t normally like that.
Please don’t judge all Americans by her example.
And I’m sorry about the dancing too.
A special thanks to the little boy that showed me how the train bathroom worked and another special thanks to the elderly woman that explained how the bathroom worked to drunk Amanda a second time after the little boy left. You have no idea how confused I was by the lack of signage and the vague pointing direction/instructions of "press the button" I had received from the ticket lady. I had no idea the door I was trying to "press the button" for led off of the train.
Thank you for your assistance.