The Paphos Mosiacs

Everyone else was hungover on our day off, (including the lil’ope) so I had to go exploring on my own. So, I took the bus down to Paphos and headed to see the Paphos Mosaics.

They are incredible and took my breath away.
I was trekking up the hill and even though it was only 9am it was already quite hot. I stepped in to a covered pavilion to enjoy the shade and caught my first glimpse… And forgot to breathe.

Look how incredible!

This is my favorite scene:

It’s Phaedra and Hippolytus. The myth goes that Hippolytus was Pahedra’s step son and she developed a rather burning passion for him… this scene depicts him reading her love letter (and looking quite disgusted), she awaiting his reply and Cupid, off to the side like “Haha, take that, Mfers!”

Sorry for the language, but LOOK AT CUPID! That’s totally what his facial expression is.

And this is my absolute favorite:

Over 1500 years old, and they’re still incredible.