Tag: Justin

It is time!

Time for my European debut!  I’m all packed up… but I’m noticing a lack of space for the two legged mule’s stuff. That’s OK, he has moments of awareness, lucidity even.  I’m sure he’ll figure something out….

Friday night out!

I’ve heard tell of a luau! Time to go chase some hula bunnies. Since we’ll be in Fayetteville, maybe I can find some college cottontail to run around with. To the chariot!

Trail crew checking in

Much to the wild animal’s chagrin, I’m headed out. Without him. There happens to be a great concert tonight and I don’t need to babysit a drunken jackalope. I don’t want to hear him talking about all the bunny tail we’re going to get either. On a personal note, this is a new situation for…