Paphos Beer Festival

I’ve been seeing advertisements for a beer festival in Paphos. €6 to get in + a pint included.
So of course I had to go.
They had some nice dancing earlier (teenage girls, a bit embarrassing) and now there is a DJ who is actually pretty good. I’m drinking a Blackthorn Cider which I’m told is Cypriot.
This is a bit bizarre.
There is Keo (mostly what I’ve been drinking), Carlsberg, Leon, Paulaner, Foster’s, Strongbow, Caffrey’s, and a bunch of others but I’m not up on my European brands. The festival is on this little spit of land that sticks out in to Paphos Harbour so there are boats going out to sea and THERE’S A FLIPPING CASTLE. A CASTLE. MADE OF STONES. IN A CASTLE SHAPE. I illegally entered it by accident earlier. Whoopsie.
The beer fest is also a lot more family friendly than expected. They have a bounce house and there are couples with babies EVERYWHERE. The babies. Are. So fat. So fat.
And there’s a tiny little boy, about 2-3 out on the dance floor wearing a batman shirt just tearing it up.
You go little Batman kid!
Seriously, this kid has been out there alone for 20 minutes, just grooving it up.
His father tried to drag him off and he was having none of that.
Now there are more kids but little Batman is showing them up.
Batman’s father tried again and the kid pushed him off the dance floor and went back to dancing.
And now he just stopped a little girl and showed her how to groove properly.
And his dad came out to dance with him (if you can’t beat them, join them) AND THE KID LED HIM OFF THE DANCE FLOOR. Like, “No Dad, your dancing throws off my dancing mojo so you are done here.”
I would so love to take a video of this kid but that’s super creepy. But trust me, he’s adorable. He gives me something to aspire to in terms of kid-awesomeness.
Batman’s mom just tried to dance. And failed. She didn’t pass the test and the kid just shook his head at her.
This kid could host some kind of reality TV show. Are You Awesome Enough?
The answer is no.

Obviously I’m on my second beverage but this will have to be my last because I’m not allowed to ride the bus drunk.
There’s quite an amusing sign actually.