AJ in Cyprus

Roger, Rogers, the AJ has landed!

Since she’s chained to the Wi-Fi for communication purposes, I thought I’d give an update.

AJ has landed safely in Paphos, Cyprus and should be, at this moment, enjoying a bed after 36 hours awake and traveling. Numerous delays, many security checkpoints and at least one crazy cabbie after leaving our beloved corner of the state, she’s finally made it.

The cabbie thing is something I want to expand on. AJ and the Li’Lope now understand the basics of some of my “war stories.” The anecdotes I tell whenever I get a drink or three in me.

They now know what I’ve said many times in the past: Cypriot cabbies are in-freaking-sane.  I could regale you with my experiences, but hers are even better. 
I get a message from her saying that she’s at the hotel and checked in, and then tells me that she had a scary cab ride. My mind immediately went to the fact that she’s a foreign woman all by her lonesome in a new place in the literal middle of the night, and I instantly thought worse of the place.
Alas, no. Her concerns we the same as mine when I was there 9 years ago. Excessive speed. Complete disregard for oncoming traffic. Granted, she witnessed 130 km/hr which I see routinely on the interstate, but I’m not sure if they have an equivalent to an interstate there. 70 km/hr roundabouts, 2 lane passing with inbound traffic. The only thing she’s missing is the cabbie, with a heavy Russian accent, asking if she wanted to go see “the women.” If you want to know why I know these things, buy me a beer or three.

So, if you’ve ever heard of my adventures in Cyprus and thought that I was full of it, Mrs. AJ can now vouch for me.

With all that adventure, she’s passed out in a well deserved hotel. Hopefully she gets up in time for an even more well deserved 1st Mediterranean breakfast.
-J, with updates from abroad, Out